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And what now then....

I was born in the middle of an angry swelling sea during tropical storm Papa Luiz, in the dusk of 1981. The coarse wrinkled hands of a sea captain pried me from my not really. I was born in a hospital like most kids. I was born in 1981 though, in Charlotte North Carolina. I spent most of my youth playing with action figures and reading through miniature mountains of comic books. I developed most of my artistic style watching the Tyrannosaurus Rex rip the wheels off of a Ford Explorer in Jurassic Park and burning holes in tapes of Batman: The Animated Series which I looked to for guidance as though they were carved in stone and brought down from Mount Sinai. I cut my teeth doing Animation for four years and then moved onto Red Panda Designs where I painted Murals and created all encompassing art packages for clients. I am working on two books right now with the first to be finished in the coming months I hope. Both books are adventure pieces told in graphic novel form. I divide my time waiting for Halloween and drawing. Anything involving Monsters, Dinosaurs, The Beatles, 1970's Cinema and the Theory of Atlantis are always welcome dinner guests. If you have any stories or are interested in translating one to canvas I'd be glad to lend you a pixelated ear.

Slash film readers will apppreciate the distinctive style of artist phil gibson and his pop art inspired posters. Covering the landscape with classic film scenes and innovative new approaches in minimalistic syle. See action stars such as Bruce Willis and comedians like Paul Rudd as they look through their own film history captured on canvas by artist phil gibson Thehe San Diego comic con will be highlighting selected prints at this years comic con. Phil will have a both on hte main floor near Sideshow collectibles and Hot Toys.

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